Winter Scene / Observations of the Past Week

Winter Scene

I’m feeling sorry for all those who got lots of snow from the recent storm that covered much of the United States. Fortunately for us, the storm just brought us lots of rain, and then the rain ended before the temperature dropped. However, they are saying that we have the chance of some snow and sleet tonight and tomorrow morning. So we may not be out of the woods yet.

Here is another scene from one of our previous snowfalls. As you can see, the snow had stopped falling, the sun was out, and the snow on the ground was already starting to melt. I thought it looked neat.

If you are wondering, this was taken in the horse pasture. The pine tree in front of the sun has some dead limbs in it due to either a previous winter storm or a strong summer wind - I can’t remember which.

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Photo location: Our house, Williston, Tennessee

A three-exposure (-2, 0, +2) HDR tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in GIMP

Observations of the Past Week (1/23-1/29)

Every Thursday brings the Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook. But don’t hate Thursday - he’s just the messenger.

Pizza lunch for coworker’s b-day. Macaroni Grill at supper for brother-in-law’s b-day. Don’t think I’ll eat again for at least a few hours. (I wonder if that had anything to do with the driver’s license picture mentioned below.)

The good thing about rain is that it isn’t snow. (That almost sounds profound.)

I’m hoping that this year’s State of the Union is Tennessee! (I never did hear which state won.)

We slid into town this morning. I can see why some schools were closed today. (I did always want to be a drift racer.)

Today has been a slow-moving day. Either that, or my brain is just moving slow. (Maybe that should be a rhetorical statement.)

Renewed my driver’s license today. I’m legal to drive for another 5 years now. And the camera adds 100 pounds, by the way. (Maybe I should ask if I could take my own picture?)

Why does a chicken coop have 2 doors? If it had 4 doors, it would be a chicken sedan. (Bad jokes are always worth repeating.)

I hanker for a hunk of cheese. (Remember that great line from Saturday mornings?)

A sunny weekend in January. What are the odds of that? Maybe it won’t be too odd this weekend. And I’m just always odd. (Maybe I should have evened things out a bit.)

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