Winter Jam Concert

This past Sunday night, we went to the Winter Jam concert at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee. Needless to say, it was great.

If you haven’t been to a Winter Jam concert before, here is the premise: Get lots of Christian music acts together for one concert. Don’t sell tickets in advance. Charge $10 per person at the door. And that’s about it.

As you can imagine, having lots of great acts together at that price can cause quite a bit of excitement. The concert was starting at 6:00, and the doors were scheduled to open at 5:00. We got there just after 5:00, and the first seats we could find were in the middle level. They weren’t bad seats by any means, but we thought we might have been able to be a little closer to the stage. I overheard someone say that they opened the doors early, which would explain how so many people got in there ahead of us. But we were still happy to be there. I really didn’t think the FedEx Forum would be full, but it was pretty close, as it turned out.

The main one we were there to see was TobyMac. Yes, we had just seen him in November, but he is always worth seeing again. And I always enjoy getting to see DJ Maj and Byron “Mr. Talkbox” Chambers, who are part of TobyMac’s Diverse City band and also great artists on their own.

We also enjoyed seeing Jamie Grace, Matthew West, and Capital Kings, as we have heard their music over and over in our cars as well. None of them disappointed, and the same could be said for the other acts that were there, too. Royal Tailor was a big hit with the crowd, too, especially the youth group that was sitting in front of us. And I can see why.

One group that I was interested to see was RED. I am not familiar with any of their songs, and they aren’t exactly my style, as they would fit more into the rock/grunge/alternative type of music. But I had heard that they use lots of fire in their show, which I thought would be cool. And once again, they did not disappoint. Here is a short video I took showing some of their cool stuff:

Like I said, not exactly my kind of music. But who doesn’t like some big fireballs every now and then?

TobyMac was the last act of the night, and I felt sorry for some of those who had to leave, since he took the stage around 9:00 PM. But as usual, he brought the house down. And it ended with a good bit of confetti everywhere. I do miss the old days when he would dive off the stage into the crowd at the end of his shows. But then none of us are getting any younger, are we?


They said there were 14 nights of the Winter Jam tour left. So if it is coming near you, I highly recommend it.

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