The weekend. The part of the week that everyone looks forward to. The part of the week that people count down to. The part of the week that everyone hates to see end.

Everyone makes plans for the weekend. Not too many people make plans for a week. “Hey, do you have week plans?” No, you don’t hear that very often. But you always hear, “Hey, do you have any weekend plans?”

We always have weekend plans. Often, our weekend plans are that we plan to do nothing at all. At least on Saturday. Sunday is always reserved for church activities. So we always have Sunday plans, too. And most weekends, our plan of doing nothing at all on Saturday doesn’t usually work. Something else usually comes up. But still, starting with nothing is a good way to make some plans.

Not that we don’t like people, or that we don’t like doing things. It just seems sometimes that we are always running, always going, always doing. And a Saturday without all that running, going, doing would be pretty nice.

But I just have one question. Why do we really call it the weekend? After all, if Sunday is the first day of the week, then half of a weekend is the end of the week, and the other half of the weekend is the beginning of the week.

I guess calling it a “week end and beginning” would be just too much, though.

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