We Are Back Home. Again.

We’re Back!

We are back home again. And we have a new format, too. At least for now. Most days will include a photo, and then some more stuff, too. So check back each day to see what you might find!

Cocoa Beach


One of the stops on our trip was Cocoa Beach, Florida, one of our favorite places. It looks nice here, but both days that we were there saw some big storms in the afternoon. And earlier in the afternoon than we would normally expect. But we still had a good time, enjoying the sun while it lasted.

By the way, this is just a preliminary iPhone photo. The more exciting photos will be coming soon!

Getting Away

As I mentioned, we got away for a while. And by “we,” I mean Steve and Laura, while Jaylin had a nice visit with his grandparents. We spent most of our time in the Kissimmee area, although we did make a side trip to Cocoa Beach, as you have already read.

I fully believe in the value of an adults-only trip if you can at all arrange it. It does wonders for your marriage, in my opinion and experience. The hardest part is going back to your normal lives after you have been together all day every day for ten days straight. Being apart is taking some adjustment.

But then of course, it is always good to be home, too. Although things seem quite a bit ordinary now. So I keep telling myself, “It’s good to be home. It’s good to be home.” Yes, it really is. Even if it takes some reminders at times.

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