Walking a 5K Run

On Saturday, Harding Academy, the school where Laura teaches and Jaylin attends, had its 5K run, called Run With The Lions. But we aren’t exactly runners, so we walked it instead. That way, we still participated in the fundraiser, even though we knew we wouldn’t win. We were far from the only walkers, and that was okay with us. It gave us more time to talk to our friends who were walking with us. It was a beautiful day, and the weather was just right.

Above are Laura and our friend Karen before we started walking. One of the many people we walked with.

Here we are just after we finished. We were able to smile because we had walked the 5K instead of trying to run it. If we had run it, we definitely wouldn’t be smiling.

Here I am with Karen and her son, Zach. Zach and his dad (a/k/a Karen’s husband Brant) actually ran the race. Zach finished 5th overall and 3rd in his age group. Which shows you that the younger ones dominated the top spots. I couldn’t even have done that when I was younger.

Overall, Karen was number 260, Laura was number 261, and I was number 262. Jaylin and Katie had gotten ahead of us somehow, and they were in the high 250s. We weren’t all the way at the end, so we accomplished our personal goal of not being last. Not that there is any shame in that, in case you are reading this and you were last.

After it was over, we enjoyed getting to see even more friends, including people we went to school with and people that we see at all the different school events. Which always makes these events even more enjoyable.

It was a fun day, even if I was 262nd. I’ll take it.

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