Video: Beach Memories

For today, here is something different - instead of a photo, we have a video:

This video features some scenes from our week in Cocoa Beach, Florida, back in July. Yes, it took me a while to put this together. But here it is now. While I am really more of a photo guy, there are some things that video captures much better than a still photo can capture, such as the waves rolling in on the shore, or the wind gently blowing a beach umbrella. You can even see Laura riding the waves on her board a couple of different times.

The music is by the Beach Boys, because who else would you use in a video about the beach? This particular song is “Beaches In Mind” from their 2012 album That’s Why God Made the Radio.

If you are curious, the video footage was all shot using an Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera, the same that I use for my still photos, and it was edited together in Photoshop.

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