Try It Before You Buy It

The other day, we went to Walmart. Which is always an adventure in itself. It is even more of an adventure if you go to a small-town Walmart, which is what we did, because that is the closest one to where we live.

Saturdays at small-town Walmarts are especially good. You can check out all the latest mullets and other odd hairstyles, as well as clothing options that defy description. Nothing against the people that shop there, of course. It is just, um, interesting. But then they probably say the same thing about us.

While we were shopping, I saw a woman with something strange on her forehead, right above her glasses. From a distance, I couldn’t figure out what it was.

Some kind of strange headband, perhaps? A bandage because of an injury, maybe?

No, none of those things. As it turns out, what I had seen was the large plastic tag that they put across the top of a pair of reading glasses.

Yes, she was shopping in Walmart using a pair of Walmart reading glasses. Maybe she had left hers at home. I didn’t bother to ask.

Someone else did ask, apparently, although I didn’t hear the exact question. But I did hear her reply, “Yes, I’m going to buy them once I get up to the checkout - they work really well!”

So there you go - Try It Before You Buy It reading glasses. I’m just glad she didn’t try that with something more important. Like shoes. Or pants.

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