Tomorrowland / Stormy Weather


The past meets the future at Tomorrowland in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, with “ancient” rocks in front of “futuristic” buildings. Sometimes I miss the old Tomorrowland, where everything was white and sleek. But somewhere along the way someone decided that the white look wasn’t really futuristic any more, so they changed things to more of a retro-futuristic look. Which is pretty neat, too.

Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Photo location: Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Florida
A three-exposure (-2, 0, +2) HDR tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in GIMP

Stormy Weather

They say that some stormy weather is in store for us today. I believe it, based on the strong winds that blew all night. And besides that, it was 73 degrees outside when we got up this morning, and they say it will get down to 37 tonight. You know a change that drastic doesn’t happen calmly. On top of all that, the pressure inside my head last night was also telling me that something was up. Why is it that when you get older, you start to turn into a walking barometer?

And sure enough, we have some weather alerts this morning - a wind advisory until tonight, a tornado watch until this afternoon, and a flood advisory for the Mississippi River until Thursday. A look at the radar shows a great big blob of rain heading this way, too. Not just a nice little green blob, either - a long line with lots of yellow and red. You know, the fun stuff.

There are three types of weather people out there, I have learned:

  1. Those who stand out in the street with their cell phone cameras ready to get a shot of the big storm as it roars by.
  2. Those who hide in their bathrooms or closets at the first sign of severe weather.
  3. Those who watch the wall-to-wall weather coverage, but still try to remain calm.

I’m usually in that last group. Unless of course they start mentioning our tiny town in the weather coverage - that’s never a good thing and can sometimes force me into the second group. But I still turn up the TV loud enough to stay in the third group, too. However, I have never really felt compelled to be in the first group. It’s good that some are, I guess. But I’ll leave that to someone else.

Hopefully, today’s storms will pass on by without incident, except for some thunder, lighting, and rain. But I will be keeping an eye on the weather coverage, just in case.