Things To Do In Standard Time

Now that Daylight Savings Time has ended, we now have an extra hour of darklight each night. Some people complain about that. “I don’t have time to get anything done now,” they say. And while it may be a little bit of a downer to get home after the sun has already gone down, I don’t really mind it all that much. So here are some things you can do with that extra hour of darkness that you now have.

  • Watch more television - Like I really need an excuse to do that. But hey, the television gives off its own light, so watching it is a perfect thing to do in the dark, right?
  • Play a game - When was the last time you got out a board game and played it? Teach the kids a thing or two about the economy by playing Monopoly. Or better yet, teach them all about life by playing Life.
  • Read a book - Of course, reading a book will require a light. Or you could just read by the light of the television. Although I end up getting distracted by whatever program is on.
  • Don’t work outside - I suppose that goes without saying. But then I also suppose that you could put in some big floodlights and still work outside. Just make sure your neighbors don’t mind the glare.
  • Spend more time on the internet - As if anyone really needs an invitation to do that these days.
  • Talk to a friend - Or better yet, talk to your spouse. Unless of course you aren’t married. Remember the days when people used to actually talk to each other?
  • Clean the house - I guess. If you are desperate for something to do.
  • Knit - Or find someone else who knits and doesn’t mind criticism, so that you can knitpick.
  • Rearrange the furniture - It is like moving without really moving. Or spending money on a new house.
  • Listen to some music - Really, when was the last time that you just stopped and listened to some good music? Sure, we listen while we drive, while we work, while we work out, and so on. But some music requires your full attention.
  • Draw - As in art. Or as in Go Fish, if you aren’t good at art.
  • Sleep - What better thing to do when it is dark than to sleep? No lights required for that.
  • Wait - Pretty soon, March will be here, and it will be Daylight Savings Time all over again. Before you even know it.

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