Things Laura Found: Wedding Napkins

Things I Found is a series looking at odds and ends that I have found in our house, usually while looking for something completely unrelated that I never do seem to find.

Today’s find is actually something that Laura found: a stack of napkins from our wedding.

Wedding napkins

Laura was looking for something in the attic, and she came across these in a box. I was thinking that we had one or two of them stashed away somewhere, but I didn’t think we still had that many. Laura said that they were too dusty from being in the attic to actually use them, but I would rather keep them than use them anyway. That’s me - the guy that never wants to throw anything away.

And yes, if you are wondering, that is our actual photo that was used for the napkins. Because we were just kids back when we got married, after all. No way that we could have actually been of “marrying age” way back then, right?

Also, here’s a lesson about how guys don’t really pay that much attention to all of the details of their own weddings: I don’t think I knew that there were some plain napkins mixed in with the stack of the printed napkins. Laura said that was to stretch the napkin supply out longer so that they wouldn’t run out after the first batch of guests went through the serving line. I didn’t know that. But at least I did know that we actually had some printed napkins. That counts for something, right?

Ah, the memories. Or the lack of them, sometimes.

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