Things I Found: Walt Disney World Medallions

Things I Found is a series looking at odds and ends that I have found in our house, usually while looking for something completely unrelated that I never do seem to find.

Today’s finds are two Walt Disney World Medallions

Things I Found: Walt Disney World Medallions

Of these two, the EPCOT Center medallion on the right was the one that I got first. I clearly remember getting it at the Centorium in Future World when we were there on our first visit in July of 1983. I absolutely loved the park, and I wanted something to help me remember it; the medallion was perfect for it.

I got the Walt Disney World medallion a couple of years later to go along with it, although the EPCOT Center medallion was still my favorite. By the way, the Walt Disney World medallion is really just a Magic Kingdom medallion, but it was most likely designed before Walt Disney World had added its second theme park.

Take a look at the other sides of these medallions:

Things I Found: Walt Disney World Medallions

These souvenir medallions were from simpler times at Walt Disney World, back when there were two theme parks instead of four. And the Magic Kingdom only had six “lands.” Actually, the Magic Kingdom once again only has six lands, since what was Mickey’s Birthdayland/Starland/Toontown Fair has been absorbed into Fantasyland. And the EPCOT Center medallion kept things simple by just having the EPCOT Center logo on the back. It has a nice, clean look when compared to the jumbled look of all of the Magic Kingdom lands.

Also, you will notice if you look back at the photo of the front sides that the copyright reads “Walt Disney Productions.” I am learning that I enjoy seeing that instead of “The Walt Disney Company” more and more these days, because it is once again a reminder of those long ago, simple times.

If you are wondering, each of these medallions came in its own plastic case. I just put them together into two halves of one case for the photos. That’s the kind of guy that I am, keeping things like this in their original packaging, just for safekeeping.

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