They Know My Name!

I go to the bank every two weeks or so. Usually to the same bank. And occasionally, someone will walk in and the tellers will say, “Hello, Mr. Hershey!” Or whatever someone’s name is. There probably isn’t anyone there named Hershey, but I have a Hershey bar from Halloween sitting on my desk. Mmm, chocolate. But I digress.

Anyway, the people they know by name always seem to be older, usually older men. I would guess that they are retired. And because they are known by name, I would guess that they must come in there all the time. Although I don’t know what for. Except maybe to be greeted by name. Or maybe they have quite a bit of money invested in the bank, and the tellers want to make sure that they keep that business.

I usually don’t think that much of it. Not a big deal, really. Happens all the time. To other people.

But then, a few weeks ago, I walked into the bank. The teller looked up and said, “Hello, Mr. Burns!” They know my name! All of a sudden, I felt like a real person. Not just some nameless guy that comes in there and does business. But someone who has a place there.

But then I started wondering. Am I turning into one of those old retired people who come in there all the time? Because I’m definitely not one of the ones with a lot of money invested in the bank. No doubt about that. So I tried not worrying about the whole “old” thing and decided to just enjoy being known by name.

And the next time I went to the bank, the same thing happened. I was once again called by name. It wasn’t just a fluke.

We all have a name, obviously. And I think that even if we don’t always admit it, we like it when other people know our name. I remember being in high school and feeling pretty special when someone in an upper class would speak to me by name. Or I have introduced myself before as Steve Burns, to which came the reply, “The Steve Burns of” Yes, that’s me. Pretty neat to be recognized for something. Even if they didn’t think I looked like they thought I would look. That is another story for another time.

So maybe you don’t have to be really old or really rich to be known by name. I will try to enjoy my newfound fame. No autographs, please.

Oh, okay - I’ll sign autographs, too.

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