They cost how much?

While we were at the Lads to Leaders Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, we had a little bit of time to walk over to the Opry Mills Mall. As you may know, the mall was damaged two years ago in the Nashville flood, and it had re-opened the week before we were there.

We ate lunch at the food court and looked around in the Disney outlet store, but then I had to get back to the convention to judge an event. Several others stayed around to shop at the mall for a while longer, because they didn’t have to be back as soon as I did.

One store they went in was a western wear store. And while they were in there, Laura found a pair of boots. But not just any boots. These boots cost over $1200. Twelve hundred dollars. One thousand two hundred dollars. Big money. Especially for boots. Needless to say, Laura didn’t get them. Although she did try them on, just to say she did. There was even a picture taken that for some reason my phone didn’t receive.

I don’t know how you live, but for us, that is a lot of money for anything. But especially for something that you are just going to stick your feet in.

The more I thought about it, the more I figured I could probably make my own pair of boots for that amount of money. Here’s how I would do it:

  1. Get a cow.
  2. Wait for the cow to die of natural causes. Because I wouldn’t want to shoot it or anything.
  3. While waiting, learn how to tool and stitch leather, including buying a machine to do that.
  4. Get some boot soles. Or just buy a cheap pair of boots and cut off the soles.
  5. Get the leather from the expired cow (I still haven’t figured out the actual logistics of this step. But I’m thinking someone else would have to do it, because I probably would have become rather fond of the cow by this point).
  6. Sew the boots and attach some rhinestones.
  7. Eat a lot of hamburgers and steaks. From the cow, of course.

Hmm, maybe that isn’t such a good plan after all. Except for the hamburgers and steaks.

I guess the best plan would be to skip down to step #4 and just wear those boots instead. That might be the easiest thing. And the cow would probably appreciate it, too.

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