The Top Burnsland Posts for 2016

As the year draws to a close, it is a good time to look back at which posts here at Burnsland were the most popular. There were quite a few new posts added to the site, but some of them got more attention than others did, for whatever reason.

For the purposes of this list, popularity is defined by the number of views each post received. Also, to keep things simple here, this list only includes posts that were added in 2016. If we included all of the posts, this list would be different, but I like to look at which new posts were popular this year, so that is what we have.

These are in order from 10 to 1. See if you agree with these.

10. Steve’s Photography Tips: Understanding Aperture

At the first of the year, I started a series of photography tips posts, because I figured it would be good to share what I have learned over the years. These posts turned out to be popular, and you will see a few of them in this list. This one concerns your aperture setting to get that nice, smooth, out-of-focus background effect, among other things.

9. Steve’s Photography Tips: Setting Your Shutter Speed

Another Photography Tips post, this time about how your shutter speed affects the look of your photos, so that motion can be blurred or captured in an instant.

8. The American Adventure in Epcot

During our summer trip to Florida this year, we visited Epcot in Walt Disney World for a day. This fisheye view of the American Adventure pavilion in World Showcase with some dark clouds above it was quite well received.

7. Morocco in Epcot at Walt Disney World

Another post from our Epcot visit, this one actually featured several photos from the Morocco pavilion instead of just one. I thought I would try something different by having a whole series of photos in one post, and it turned out well.

6. Storming the Gates of Epcot at Walt Disney World

This colorful look at Spaceship Earth from outside of the gates of Epcot at Walt Disney World was one of my favorites from our visit there this summer. The clouds and the sky looked really cool, thanks in part to the processing I used here. I was trying to be funny in the title with the storm clouds and thoughts of storming the gates, but I don’t know if it went over very well. Oh well.

5. Steve’s Photography Tips: Camera Modes

Back to the Photography Tips posts, this one looked at some of the uses for the different modes on your camera, such as aperture priority, shutter priority, manual, and program. And then those were expanded on somewhat in other later posts.

4. Benches at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

I have seen photos in the past of these benches at the Boardwalk Resort at Walt Disney World, so I thought I would try putting my own spin on the view. Maybe different from what you have seen before, but why would you want to see the same thing over and over, anyway?

3. Seabase Alpha in Epcot

Personally, I liked all of the cool blue tones in this view from inside Seabase Alpha, part of The Seas with Nemo and Friends in Epcot. And I liked it because it brought back some great memories of the original Living Seas days of the pavilion before Nemo and his friends moved in.

2. We Didn’t Actually Stay at the Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World

Another attempt at a creative title, and this one ended up being a rather long title. But that didn’t hurt the performance of the post, evidently. In spite of the title, this is just a nice photo from one of the buildings of the Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World, with some cool clouds overhead.

1. Steve’s Photography Tips: DSLR vs. Mirrorless

The most popular post this year was one of the Photography Tips posts, which seems rather fitting. This one looks at the debate over which camera format is better, DSLR or mirrorless. Of course, the answer is that each has its uses, so that there is no one right answer. But it is still fun to debate sometimes.

So there you have it, the most popular posts at Burnsland for 2016. Thanks to all of you who have read these and other posts here, because it is greatly appreciated.

There are plenty of new posts in the works for 2017, so check back often to see what is new!

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