The Top Blog Posts of 2011

As the year comes to a close and a new year approaches, everyone likes to look back at what has happened in the last twelve months. And I am in that group as well. So here are the five most popular Burnsland Blog posts of 2011, as determined by the number of views.

You can look back and relive the memories, or discover what everyone else enjoyed that you may not have seen! Counting down from number five:

5. Main Street Station / Fantasyland Expansion - From back in January is this look at Main Street Station at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, along with my thoughts on the Fantasyland expansion. While the photos around here are always popular, I think this one got almost as many hits from people Googling for details about the new Fantasyland.

4. Daily Photo: Disney’s Boardwalk Resort - Among other places, this one got some recognition from a Twitter post by the Disney Photography Blog, which had happened to post a Boardwalk photo of their own that same day.

3. Monorail in the Evening / Permanently Closed? - While this one had a good photo, I would guess that people enjoyed the story about whether Walt Disney World was permanently closed even more.

2. Daily Photo: Disney’s Yacht Club - Of course, my Disney photos are always much more popular than my non-Disney photos. Evidently, that is what the largest group of people comes here for. And I must say, I did like this picture.

1. China at Epcot / Times Have Changed - While this post does have an interesting look back at how things were when Laura and I went on our honeymoon, the big draw here was the photo of China at Epcot. Which was one of my better ones, I must admit.

So there you have it. What will the future hold? Who knows! I hope you will come back and check it all out!

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