The Grass is Growing

Don’t look now, but the grass is growing. That should be of some comfort to those of you who like to watch the grass grow. Which, some say, is more interesting than watching golf. Or baseball. I’m not saying that I agree, just in case you happen to like golf or baseball.

Actually, what is growing in our yard right now is mostly weeds instead of grass. We particularly have wild onions, but there are also some other weeds there. At least we have the nice looking ones - some have white flowers, and some have purple flowers. I like it when the weeds are polite enough to try to look nice for us, just to make us think that we might want to keep them around for a while longer.

At the rate the weeds are shooting up, you could probably watch the weeds grow and actually see something happen. Maybe they aren’t growing quite that quickly, but it seems like it sometimes. You might even be able to hear them grow. What does a growing weed sound like? I imagine it would be a very tiny “creeeeeeaaaaak” sound. Maybe.

I need to get started cutting down all these weeds before they get out of hand. But I have been putting off the yearly “First Tractor Start.” It usually takes the better part of a day at best, and sometimes several days of work at worst, depending on what all issues the tractor might be having. I am always hopeful that the worst problem will be that the battery needs charging, but you just never know.

Sometimes, it seems like tractors and lawn mowers take an awful lot of work. If the time I spent working on my car versus driving it were in the same proportion to the time I spend working on the tractor versus cutting the grass with it, I would probably just give up driving altogether. Why is it that lawn equipment takes so much work?

The weeds are growing in the horse pasture, too. You always know it is time to cut when the horses have onion breath from eating the wild onions. That is a pleasant smell. But not really. However, the horses don’t care much for mouthwash, so there isn’t much you can do about it, besides cutting down the wild onions.

Too bad there isn’t a market for harvesting wild onions. I wonder how they would taste on a salad. If anyone wants to try, just give me a call. I’ll be out working on the tractor.

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