The Disney Fantasy at Sea

Sailing Along, But Not Really

The Disney Fantasy appears to be out at sea as it was anchored near George Town, Grand Cayman, during our 2022 Disney Cruise.

The Disney Fantasy appears to be out at sea as it was anchored near George Town, Grand Cayman, during our 2022 Disney Cruise.

This Disney Cruise included a first-time experience for us. The ship could not dock at George Town due to the size of the dock. So the ship was anchored out in the harbor, and we went ashore by boarding a tender boat with 250 of our closest friends. Tendering, as they call it. We like doing new things, and we like boats, so it was a fun experience for us.

After spending some time walking around in George Town, we boarded the tender boat to return to the Disney Fantasy. As we approached the ship, we had a view that we have not had before of the ship in the water, away from any dock. As you might guess, I could not resist trying to get a good photo. From this angle and with this lighting, you can barely see the anchor chain on the starboard side (it was interesting to me that only one anchor was lowered, by the way). So it really looks like I got a cool photo of the Disney Fantasy sailing along in the water. Except, of course, that the ship really isn’t going anywhere at all. Also, another ship was anchored nearby, but you can’t see that here, either.

New Things

This cruise was full of new things for us, as I mentioned in the previous post. I like my routines. I like to be stuck in a rut. But then there are times when trying something new is good, too. You might not ever know how much of a rut you are in until you try something new.

And not all ruts are bad, by the way. Did I come home and go back to eating the same thing for lunch every day? Absolutely. Why change a good thing if it works, just for the sake of change?

But did we step from the big ship onto a smaller boat to get to shore, even if it was not what we had always done before? Absolutely. Of course, to Laura and me it immediately sounded like fun when we heard about it. Sometimes knowing you will like a change will make it easier to try that change.

At other times, you might not know if you will like the change ahead of time. I tried some new foods on this cruise that I had not had before. Some of them were good, others of them I would skip the next time. But I only know that because I tried them.

After all, we had liked our previous cruises, which were all somewhat similar. But we also really liked this cruise that was full of new experiences.

Change can be good sometimes.

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act. He will bring forth your righteousness as the light, and your justice as the noonday. - Psalm 37:5-6

About the Photo

It might not quite be obvious, but this photo has been highly processed. The original photo was very bland, with lots of different shades of gray. So I pushed the color saturation quite a bit. That brought out the blue in the sky and the water, and the yellow of the lifeboats, as well as the red of the ship funnels. It took some effort to get everything looking just right without overdoing it. But the result was worth the effort.

Photo: A single Raw exposure, processed in Luminar Neo. Read more about photography tips, photo software, camera gear, and more at Steve’s Photography Tips.
Camera: Sony Alpha A7 II
Lens: Rokinon 35mm f/1.8
Date: June 7, 2022
Location: George Town, Grand Cayman

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