The Dishwasher is Half Full

The other day, I posted the following on Facebook and Twitter:

Today is one of those “run the dishwasher because the top rack is full” kinds of days.

And then someone wasn’t sure exactly what I mean. So here is the explanation, just in case you don’t live your life like we do.

Of course, you know that the top rack of the dishwasher is for glasses and cups, and the bottom rack is for plates. At least that is how most dishwashers that I have seen are set up.

With our current football practice schedule, we rarely find ourselves home to eat supper. And of course, we are almost always gone at lunch. That just leaves breakfast to eat at home. So we don’t use all that many plates and bowls. But apparently, we still drink a lot. And by drinking, I mean water, milk, orange juice, or Coke. I didn’t want you to think that we were doing some other kind of drinking.

Because of all that, the top rack of our dishwasher gets filled up with all our cups and glasses, while the bottom rack remains virtually empty, except for a lone plate or bowl here and there.

We always say that we can tell how much we are or are not eating at home by the ratio of dishes in the top rack to the dishes in the bottom rack.

And this time of year, the bottom rack starts to get pretty lonely.