The Burnsland List of Relevance for 12/2

It is time once again for the Burnsland List of Relevance, that list of nothing in particular that everyone loves. Or everyone loves to avoid. The List of Relevance has been feeling left out lately, because it hasn’t made an appearance in a while. Saving up for something good, maybe?

  1. Christmas - Yes, the holiday season is here again. The Christmas holiday season, that is. Independence Day is still a holiday, but if you were to call early July the holiday season, people would just think you are crazy.
  2. Christmas lights - Got some of those new LED lights. The directions say that you can connect up to 80 strings in a row now. Cool, I can run lights all the way down the street on one plug!
  3. Christmas ornaments - Remember making some relatively simple ornament in school as a gift to your parents? As a parent, those are still cool.
  4. Christmas music - If you listen to a radio station that plays continuous Christmas music, you start to realize that there are really only about 10 Christmas songs, even though everyone does them just a bit different.
  5. Christmas presents - Sometimes, presence is almost as good as presents. Sometimes better.
  6. White Christmas - I am not dreaming of one. Never have. Never will.
  7. Christmas Shoes - I’m sorry, but that is just the worst Christmas song ever. It has so much cheese that Chester Cheetah is its new mascot.
  8. Christmas cat - Our cat always likes to eat the pine needles off our Christmas trees. When will she ever learn that fake pine needles don’t sit well in her stomach? Anyone want a cat for a Christmas gift?

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