The Burnsland List of Relevance for 10/23-10/29

A special Halloween edition of the Burnsland List of Relevance! Boo! Are you scared now? Well, you should be.

  1. Halloween - If you can’t tell from all the Christmas stuff in the stores, Halloween is almost here.
  2. Trick or Treat - Personally, I prefer the treats. Because I never have been all that tricky. No matter what anyone else may tell you.
  3. Pumpkins - What do pumpkins really have to do with Halloween, anyway? There really isn’t much that is scary about a great big orange gourd. Until it starts to smell funny.
  4. Costumes - I guess I’m never really that creative. I just put on jeans and a button-down shirt and go as an electrical engineer. Now that is scary!
  5. Candy - What would Halloween be without candy? A lot less sweet. More like Columbus Day.
  6. Skeletons - Everyone has one, but they aren’t nearly as scary if they stay on the inside of your body.
  7. Vampires - Let’s face it. We all have some relatives that are a bit batty, don’t we?
  8. Halloween - I know it really is a holiday, because it shows up on my calendar. So why aren’t schools and businesses closed?

Happy Halloween!

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