The Burnsland List of Relevance (5/24/13)

Time once again for the ever-faithful Burnsland List of Relevance. Not sure what it is faithful to, however.

  1. Holiday Weekends - What more can you say about that? Except that they should come more often.
  2. Weeds - Most people don’t like them, but without them, our back yard would just be dirt.
  3. Memory Cards - We can change out camera memory cards when we need more space. Too bad they don’t make those for brains.
  4. Life - The game, the cereal, the magazine, or the real thing? I’m not really sure.
  5. Toys - Admit it, you still like them, no matter how old you are.
  6. Sleep - I’m hoping to catch up over the holiday weekend.
  7. Summer vacation - It starts today at our house, as today is the last day of school. But I still go to work. That’s okay, I like to eat.
  8. Elvira - The song by the Oak Ridge Boys, not the black hair/black dress woman. Giddyup!

Happy holiday weekend!

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