The Burnsland List of Relevance (5/17/13)

The Burnsland List of Relevance is back for more. But for more what? That is the question.

  1. Graduation - Several people are graduating this month. So to all the graduates, congratulations! Now, get a job! Just kidding. Sort of.
  2. Rain - Rainy days are nice sometimes. Except on days when you were really wanting a sunny day.
  3. Desk - I cleaned mine off the other day. I was surprised to learn that the desktop is gray. Who knew?
  4. Sheep - How do sheep go through life always feeling sheepish? I feel sorry for them sometimes.
  5. Gas - I mean gas for your car. Not the other kind. What were you thinking?
  6. Green - It’s not easy being green. Well actually, I wouldn’t know.
  7. Grass - It grows. I cut it. It grows again. The story of summer.
  8. Friday - Even by any other name, the day before Saturday would still be just as good.

That’s all for today!

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