The Burnsland List of Relevance (4/19/13)

A long time ago, in a galaxy very near here (as in right here), the Burnsland List of Relevance used to make a weekly appearance, and it was beloved by all. Or at least by one or two. And then the List of Relevance mysteriously vanished without warning. Now, it has returned once again, with no explanation of its long, questionable absence. And it still has eight items. Because Eight is Enough.

  1. Kleenex - Or whatever tissues you prefer. Either way, we do a lot of nose-blowing in our house this time of year. Mainly me.
  2. Brains - They are a rare commodity, I am learning. If you happen to have one, put it to good use.
  3. Meatloaf - “What kind of animal does meatloaf come from?” “Bread cows.”
  4. Snakes - Laura ran over one on the road while driving my car. Do I get partial credit for that?
  5. Street Sweepers - You know, those big, slow trucks with big brushes that drive down the street. I don’t think I could drive anything that slowly.
  6. Podcasts - Beyond the Berm is my favorite. And yes, that is a cheap plug.
  7. Apps - Remember back in the old days when we had programs?
  8. Books - Are real books going to go away forever one day? I hope not. Although I must admit, eBooks are really pretty handy sometimes.

That’s it until next time! Whenever next time might be. Maybe a week. Maybe a month. Maybe a couple of years. Maybe after emerging from the Witness Protection Program. Who knows?

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