Thanksgiving Turkeys

When Jaylin was in the 2 and 3 year old classes in Harding’s Early Childhood program, each year we had to make a family turkey. The teachers would send home a plain turkey on construction paper, and then the family would decorate it together however they wanted, in a way that they felt would represent their family.

We put some work into our turkeys each year, and we still proudly hang them in our home. Hopefully, they won’t wear out any time soon, because for me they bring back lots of great memories.

Once again, we have them hanging in our hallway in our home. So here they are for you to see.


This first one is made up of family photos. Yes, we actually printed out lots of small photos an cut them to fit the shape of the turkey. Here is a close-up view:


Maybe you can’t tell too much about them here. And maybe if you looked at them in person, they still wouldn’t mean that much to you. But to us, they bring back lots of memories of good times that we have had together. Yes, it took a bit of work, but to us, it was worth it. And it was definitely something that was unique to us.

Here is our other turkey:


Yes, a Mickey Mouse turkey. How many other families had a turkey like that? I’m guessing not too many. But if you know us and what we like, you know how this represents our family.

Laura did most all of the work on this one, cutting Mickey’s head, shorts, and shoes out of sheets of foam using stencils that we had from something else. Well actually, we had to make our own pattern for the shorts. I like how this one is in 3D using the pieces of foam glued on the construction paper. Pretty cool!

So those are family turkeys that are unique to us. Even after several years, they make some great Thanksgiving decorations. And they bring back good memories, too.

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