Thanksgiving Feasts

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. And one of the many things I am thankful for is a good Thanksgiving meal. Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, dressing, green beans, and dressing. And just a little more dressing on the side, please.

Thanksgiving Day is just a week from today, but we have already had two Thanksgiving feasts so far. Which is fine with me.

The first was at our church on Sunday. I never know for sure why we have it two weeks before Thanksgiving instead of the Sunday before Thanksgiving, but that is what we do. And it was good as always. And yes, I had plenty of dressing.

Yesterday was our annual Office Thanksgiving Feast. Not just our office actually, because there are only three of us. But we get together with our office neighbors and have a meal together. Once again, it is always the usual stuff: turkey, dressing, and whatever else.

Unfortunately, I had a previous commitment, so I had to miss the office feast yesterday. I didn’t realize when we were talking about when to have our feast that I would be gone on the date that we all picked.

Oh well. That gives me a chance to participate in one of the other great things about Thanksgiving: eating Thanksgiving leftovers. I’m not complaining about that, either.

Especially if there is plenty of dressing left over.

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