Tennessee is Confusing

My home state of Tennessee is an unusual place when it comes to place names, apparently.

The other day, my dad had to make a business trip to Tiptonville. So I looked on the map to see where it was. Once I found it, I realized something about it. And then I started realizing something about several cities in Tennessee:

  1. The city of Tiptonville, Tennessee, is not located in Tipton County, Tennessee.
  2. The city of Shelbyville, Tennessee, is not located in Shelby County, Tennessee.
  3. The city of Fayetteville, Tennessee, is not located in Fayette County, Tennessee.
  4. The city of Hendersonville, Tennessee, is not located in Henderson County, Tennessee.
  5. The city of Jackson, Tennessee, is not located in Jackson County, Tennessee.
  6. The town (more like just an area) of Macon, Tennessee, is not located in Macon County, Tennessee.
  7. While the city of Dyersburg, Tennessee, is located in Dyer County, Tennessee, the city of Dyer, Tennessee is not located in Dyer County.

And there may be others. But that is enough that I think you can start to see a pattern. No wonder things are always so confusing around here.

Oh well, at least Knoxville, Tennessee, got it right, because it is located in Knox County, Tennessee. One out of eight isn’t bad.