Technology isn't so smart

Technology is interesting. Especially these days, when things are getting more and more technologically complex. And technology is getting more and more sophisticated.

These days, technology knows all about us, too. For example, Google can check your browsing history and your past searches to see what sort of ads to give you on web pages. Those ads aren’t just something related to what is on the web page; they are also very likely something related to you. Which is good, and just a little bit scary.

I’m not all into that whole “invasion of privacy” thing that some people get upset about. So what if they are following what I am interested in and trying to give me ads based on that? If I were really concerned about it, I would just turn off the computer and not even use it at all, because someone might be checking up on what I am doing.

But sometimes, technology isn’t quite as smart as it thinks it is. On Facebook the other day, a page showed up in their “Recommended Pages” box that Facebook thought would be good for me. Some of my friends liked it, so it stands to reason that I would, too. Right?

The only problem was that the page was for a hair studio.

If you know me, or if you have seen many pictures of me, you know I have absolutely no use for a hair studio. If I walked in, they would probably just laugh.

So maybe some technology still has some advances to make. Maybe they need to work out a few bugs. Might keep things from getting hairy.