Sunset in Jamaica / A Video

Sunset in Jamaica

There was a spectacular sunset to be seen out our Montego Bay hotel room window on the last night of our second mission trip to Jamaica in 2009. Everything was just right for some beautiful scenery.

A group from our church is going back to Jamaica for more mission work in a couple of weeks. We won’t be going along this time, but maybe sometime in the future things will work out for us to make another trip. I’m sure they will have a good time and do much good work. And maybe even see a nice sunset or two.

Sunset over Montego Bay, Jamaica

Photo location: Montego Bay, Jamaica
HDR from a single RAW file tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in GIMP

A Video

Here is a short video I put together using some of the pictures I have taken and music from The Burnsland Orchestra. The pictures are all from Cocoa Beach, Florida, from our various trips there, and chances are you have seen them here before.

The music is the song “Princess” from Music for Tomorrow. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the pictures, but I thought the two went well together.

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