Summer at the Beach / The Burnsland List of Relevance

Summer at the Beach

These beach pictures are getting to be a regular Friday thing around here, aren’t they? As the cold weather rages on (we have the possibility of more snow this weekend), here is a nice warm scene from Cocoa Beach, Florida, last summer. Ah, those were the days.

Photo location: Jetty Park, Cocoa Beach, Florida
A three-exposure (-2, 0, +2) HDR tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in GIMP

The Burnsland List of Relevance for 1/30-2/5

A Super Bowl special edition of the Burnsland List of Relevance! But not a super-sized Super Bowl special edition. I don’t think any of us could handle any more.

  1. Super Bowl - I heard something about a football game this weekend. Not really sure what that is all about. Maybe I can find out more
  2. Super Bowl Commercials - $3 million for a 30-second ad? If you have that much money to spend, I can set you up a website that will be seen for a lot longer than 30 seconds. Call now - operators are standing by!
  3. Packers vs. Steelers - Two great teams, both with no cheerleaders. Coincidence?
  4. Troy Polamalu’s hair - Yes, I’m jealous. Enough said.
  5. Halftime show - Yes, somebody is singing some songs at halftime. Big whoop. The last time I was interested was when they had the Blues Brothers in 1997. The Packers won that year too, by the way.
  6. Brett Favre - I’m sorry, who?
  7. Terry Bradshaw - Can’t think of the Steelers without thinking of him. And Franco Harris, and Mean Joe Green, and Lynn Swann, and L.C. Greenwood, and…
  8. Pittsburgh Steelers - My pick to win it all this year. Of course, I’ve been wrong before. We’ll see. Either way, it should be a good game!

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