Strange Weather

What strange weather we are having here!

Two days ago, the temperatures were in the 60s. Nice and warm, if a bit windy. The next day, the temperature fell throughout the day, eventually ending up in the upper 20s overnight. And then the next day, which was yesterday, was nice and sunny, although it only made it up into the lower 40s.

Up and down. Up and down. Of course, that is what the temperature seems to do around here during winter. It really isn’t that unusual, although each year everyone talks about how strange it is. Here in the Southeast United States, we don’t get cold and stay cold all winter. We fluctuate. And we complain about it.

So even though people say it is unseasonably warm, or even unseasonably cold, that is pretty much normal for the season that we are in.

I must admit - it is pretty easy to complain about it all. “It’s too hot!” “It’s too cold!” “These weather changes are giving me a sinus headache!” “Can’t it just get to one temperature and stay there?”

But then, if we didn’t have the weather to talk about, what would we say to each other? “Hey, your hair looks just about like it did yesterday!” “Are those the same shoes that you wore last week?” “I see you are still driving the same car that you have driven for over three years now!”

Maybe it is good that we have the weather to talk about after all.

But one thing I am still not complaining about - not having to cut the grass in the winter. That’s nice.

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