Strange Dreams

Last week and over the weekend, I spent more time in bed than usual. No, it wasn’t by choice. It was due to some sort of illness which fortunately seems to have gone on its way. I’m not sorry to see it leave.

Apparently, during all that time in the bed I got caught on the sleep I had been missing lately. Don’t you just love how you start dreaming strange dreams when you combine getting caught up on sleep and the effects of a fever and whatever else you might have?

There are evidently some strange things going on in my brain, if these dreams are any indication of what is going on inside there. Some would be surprised to know that anything is going on inside there. But that’s another story. Sadly, some of those dreams are lost pretty quickly after you wake up. There are lots that I can’t remember now, but I do remember waking up and thinking, “Well that was certainly strange.”

There are some dreams that I remember bits and pieces of, such as this one:

The song leader won’t be able to lead singing this morning. And actually no one involved in the worship is showing up. So it is all up to you! And the football team won’t be able to play, either. So you need to do something about that as well.

I’m not sure what the football team was doing at church, but apparently somewhere in my mind I had my Sunday all planned out.

And then there was this one, which was while I was asleep on the couch while watching television on Sunday afternoon:

I am at a family dinner, and we are sitting at the table eating. But there are these two guys down at the end of the table who are talking about the football game. And they are telling about the play that just happened. But they do that for every play. Don’t they ever stop?

Of course, a football game was on TV, and the voices I was hearing in my dream were the commentators on the game on TV. Strange.

And then there are those dreams where you hate it when you wake up, because you want to know what happens next:

It is a beautiful day for our group picnic. All the food is spread out, and we are about to start eating. Suddenly, someone starts to notice objects in the sky. Are they one-man fighters, or just unmanned drones? There appear to be thousands of them, all coming our way. And then they and behind the trees, and we hear strange noises coming from that direction, as if they are assembling something. Will our group finally get to put our jet-pack-wearing fighting skills to use as we have been training for?

And then I woke up. I was looking forward to seeing how fast I could fly with my jet pack, too. I wonder what happened next?

As I mentioned, those are just a few of the dreams I had over the last several days. Maybe I should see someone about that.

Or just get less sleep.