Steve at 44

This past Sunday, I celebrated another birthday, bringing me to another palindromic year. No, I’m not 55, but I am not 33 either.

We actually started celebrating a day early on Valentine’s Day, when we went to see The Lion King at the Orpheum in downtown Memphis with our friends the Riedels. Okay, so that wasn’t necessarily for my birthday, but I like to think it was. Anyway, the show was great, and we all really enjoyed it. Jaylin had been a little skeptical, but he ended up liking it, too. I wouldn’t even mind seeing it again the next time it rolls into town. And then we all went out to eat at Moe’s, figuring that most of the nicer restaurants would have quite the crowd for Valentine’s Day. Not much of a wait at Moe’s at all, which was nice. And the food was almost as good as the company, too.

It was a good day, even if we did end up being gone from home for most of the day. We did spend lots of time with church family and friends. And we had lunch at Five Guys and supper at the church building, so it was a day of good eating. Top it off with one of those two-layer chocolate chip cookie cakes with icing in between the layers, and it was probably a better day of eating than it should have been. But what you eat on your birthday doesn’t count against you, right?

And then we closed out the night by watching one of my favorite movies, “Captain America: The First Avenger” (you might notice that I wore my Captain America bow tie yesterday, too). Actually, we didn’t see all of the movie, as we fell asleep on the couch watching it after Jaylin went to bed. Oh well, I’m sure it ended just like it always does.

It is always interesting how we say that we are 44 when we have just finished our 44th year here on earth and are starting our 45th trip around the sun. But I will hold on to 44 for as long as I can, thanks.

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