Steve and Adam in Bangok Present: Bangkok Traffic (a video)

While we were in Bangkok, Thailand, I shot lots of video, and I am finally getting around to doing something with it. So here for your viewing pleasure is the first video:

As you might expect in a city of 15 million people, or as you might have read in the earlier Bangkok Traffic photo post, traffic was pretty intense most of the time. So we found some enjoyment most each day of watching the traffic for at least a few minutes, and that is where the scenes in this video come from.

What you see includes:

  • Traffic on the large street closest to where we were staying. There were several footbridges over the street, thankfully, because I wouldn’t want to try to cross the street in all that traffic. You may notice that those lane markers seem more like suggestions than rules. And watch out for several close calls!
  • A time-lapse look at traffic on the roundabout at Victory Monument, which has an amazing number of vehicles pass by it each day.
  • Gary tries to get a cab for us during one of the very busy times, and he actually gets told “No” by the first driver that he talks to. Apparently, the driver didn’t want to go where we were wanting to go.
  • More Victory Monument traffic. Because we actually went back there later on after our initial visit just to see more of the traffic.
  • A look at the traffic taking off as the traffic light turns green. Be sure to notice all of the motorcycles at the front of the crowd. Motorcycle riders always weave through traffic to get up at the front of a non-moving crowd.

Yes, most of this footage is sped up, showing the traffic moving faster than it was actually going. That is because I didn’t want to bore you with a long, drawn out video of traffic. Plus, seeing it go faster makes it even more exciting!

Watch for more videos in the future!

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About the video: Filmed and photographed with a GoPro camera and then edited in GoPro Studio Camera: GoPro Hero3+ Silver

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