Spring Time

Spring is almost here. Not quite yet by the calendar, actually. There are still a few days of winter left. But who goes by the calendar, anyway?

I know spring is almost here because yesterday I walked outside and saw that my car is yellow. Except that my car isn’t supposed to be yellow. It is supposed to be red. Fortunately, it isn’t just my car that suffered this sudden color change, but rather all the cars in the parking lot were the same way.

Of course, that yellow stuff comes from the flowering plants and trees that are in full bloom because of the change in seasons. It would just be nice if they didn’t bloom all over everything. But in a few days, a rain will come along. And if it isn’t a big rain, it will just make yellow splotches on the cars, which makes them look really interesting. Almost like big polka dots. Almost. At least the blooming trees also usually mean it is warm enough to get out and wash your car without freezing to death.

I can also tell that spring is here by following my nose, just like Toucan Sam used to say. It always knows. Not because of the smell, but because of all of the sneezing. Yes, I suffer from seasonal allergies. And my nose was telling me that last week was a new season. Fortunately, things have slowed down a bit for me, sinusly speaking. Not that “sinusly” is a word. But if you are still suffering, I do feel for you.

And then there is the returning sound of bugs hitting my car windshield at night. It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t leave so much of themselves on the windshield when they hit it. The lack of bugs is one thing I quickly grow accustomed to in the winter. SMACK!

So if you are wondering, spring isn’t necessarily my favorite season. Although I definitely do appreciate not being cold all the time. And not having to pay to run the heater at home all the time.

Maybe spring isn’t so bad, after all.

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