Spring Break

At the end of the day, Spring Break will have arrived at our house. Well, not as much for me as for Laura and Jaylin. But it will mean a slightly slower pace at home next week. And I won’t have to get up quite as early, because I can leave later than they leave to go to school and still be at work on time.

Of course, there is the whole issue of it being a “spring” break. After all, spring does not actually arrive until the next week. So this will actually be a Very Late Winter Break. But that doesn’t sound nearly as exciting as Spring Break, so that explains why we call it that. Who wants to be honest? Let’s just call it something that sounds good.

Looking back at my school days, Spring Break never was that big of a deal. Well actually, getting out of school for any reason was always a big deal. Who can argue with a whole week out of school?

What I actually mean by that is that we never did do anything big. No big trips to anywhere. No grand plans. Just a week out of school at home. Which was fine with me. I never did mind the week of relaxation instead of a week of “run here, do this, do that.” Not that all trips are that way (have you read my new eBook?), but many of them are. Instead, we would relax and be somewhat rested up by the time school started back the following week. Not that we were ready to go back to school. Is anyone ever ready to go back to school after a break? But our feet weren’t dragging the ground when we walked back in the school building, which was a good thing.

These days as a parent, I see Spring Break a little differently. As in recognizing that my child will hopefully benefit from his week out of school. I think a bit of a break will do him good. And being married to a teacher, I know that teachers love breaks just as much as the students do. I don’t think I realized that as much back when I was in school.

So hopefully, Spring Break will be a good one for you, if you get any sort of break at all. Even if it is just a slower pace while others in your house are enjoying their break. And hopefully, it won’t go by too quickly, either.

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