Spaceship Earth at Night / Observations of the Past Week

Spaceship Earth at night

Spaceship Earth at Epcot in Walt Disney World rises in the night against a cloudy sky.

I have always been impressed by Spaceship Earth, mostly because of its enormous size. And then on our first visit way back when, I was surprised to discover that there was actually a ride up inside there. It wasn’t just some big sphere just for show, but it also served a purpose.

And besides that purpose of housing a ride, it looks really cool at night, too.

Spaceship Earth at Epcot in Walt Disney World rises in the night against a cloudy sky.

Photo location: Epcot, Walt Disney World, Florida
HDR from a single RAW file tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in GIMP

Observations of the Past Week (5/1-5/7)

Just to confuse you a bit, the Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook are moving to Mondays! That’s mainly an effort to present them closer to when they were originally posted, so that they might perhaps still make some sense. And also because I’ve had my brain turned off all weekend.

Wanted: Gopher wood. For a “zoological” project. Contact Noah at 555-SWIM. (That was funnier when it was raining torrentially.)

Either I’m in a funk, or just funky. Or both. (How funky is a funky funk?)

We had a good time at the Harding Chorus Concert last night. Fortunately, I was not asked to come up and sing a solo. (I would have received a standing ovation when it was over. Not because it was good, but because it was over.)

This morning, the light on our weather radio was flashing green instead of red. That’s unusual. (I almost forgot that it had a green light as well as a red light.)

It’s a beautiful day outside. I think I’ll just stare out the window for a while. (It’s like watching the Discovery Channel, only it’s in 3D.)

Everyone keeps talking about Cinco de Mayo, but no one will tell me what today’s date is. (And why do they call it Cinco de Mayo anyway?)

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I put 5 times as much mayonnaise on my turkey sandwich today. (And my arteries clogged up five times as fast.)

Cinco de Mayo was always scorned by its lesser known cousin, Seis de Mustard. (And don’t even get me started on Quatro de Ketchup.)

I just repaired our washing machine for only $9.32. So I’m rewarding myself with a Swiss cake roll for a snack. (The two aren’t related in any way, except that both were good things.)

Why are the M&Ms always gone? Oh yeah, because I ate them. (Sorry for not sharing.)

Picked up the dog from the vet. Just him and me riding home in the truck. I felt like a redneck. (And yes, he was riding in the cab with me. Sitting in the seat, looking out at the world.)

After my redneck time earlier, we got to do ranch chores by working on the horse fence. It’s been an interesting day. (Maybe I need a cowboy hat.)