Sock it to me

A sock walked into a singles bar and said, “I’m looking for a match.”

It seems that we have had a run of single socks at our house lately. Which if you have a single sock, it is hard to run. For just about every load of laundry, we have come up with a missing sock. Where do they go? Why are they here? Is there any hope for them, or will they just end up being old maid socks?

I think socks are really smarter than we give them credit. I think they are smart enough that they have found a secret way out of the dryer, some way that none of us has ever thought of before. Hey, maybe Houdini was really a sock!

Once they find their way out of the dryer, these socks all sneak off together to a secret sock hideaway. This secret hideaway is located on a remote tropical island, and it is full of great technological advances and smooth lounge music, just like in all those spy movies. It is a perilous journey to get to the island, because sharks like socks, and socks aren’t really great swimmers. After all, have you ever tried to swim in your socks? If so, you know what I mean.

The socks gather at the secret island to enjoy the good life. And if they have some time, they work on their plot to overthrow the world, bringing total sock domination everywhere. Of course, they don’t work at it all that hard. Socks really don’t have much of a backbone. Have you ever seen a sock stand up by itself?

So that is my theory on where all of the missing socks have gone. I’m pretty certain of it, actually.

Oh wait, I just found a missing sock behind the dryer. Maybe I was wrong about all of that, after all.

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