Snow in November = Snowvember?

We don’t usually get that much snow around here. Especially not in November, which is still technically in the autumn season. At least the last time I checked. All of the kids (and some of the teachers) were hoping that it would snow enough to cancel school on Tuesday. It actually did in some of the rural counties, including the one we live in. But not in the Memphis metro area, where the school that Jaylin attends and Laura teaches at is located.

The problem was that the streets just weren’t cold enough to keep the snow from melting as soon as it would hit them. That was due to the warm days we had been having before the snow came in, along with the fact that the temperatures never got down to the freezing mark or below.

But even though it didn’t stick to the streets, the snow did stick to the grass, at least for a while. It looked really neat in the morning, but by noon the falling precipitation had changed to rain, which melted what snow was left.

I took a couple of quick pictures to document everything before I left home yesterday morning. So here they are, for your viewing pleasure.

The view out our upstairs window

The view looking out from the garage

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