Small car problems

I drive a small car. Relatively. Not anywhere near as small as those Smart cars. I know those are good for the environment and all, but they are so small that they look funny. But anyway, moving on.

Personally, I happen to like smaller cars, for three main reasons:

  1. Cost - Generally, smaller cars cost less than larger cars and trucks. Costing less is always a good thing. 
  2. Gas mileage - Smaller cars usually get better gas mileage than larger cars and trucks. Which means that they not only cost less to own, but they also cost less to drive.
  3. Ease - It is much easier to get a small car through some tight places. Whenever I drive our truck, which isn’t all that often, I try to park away from all of the other cars, because that makes getting out easier.

However, there is one definite drawback to small cars. And that comes when you get around several large cars. Specifically in a parking lot.

One of the worst things is when you park in between a couple of big SUVs. Actually, I try not to park in between SUVs, or even anywhere around them, if I can help it. But then after I finish getting my bread and milk, I go back out to the car and there are SUVs parked on either side of me.

I’m sure the SUV drivers don’t think anything about it at all. “Hey, it’s a parking space! Let’s park there!” And so they do. Which is fine. For them.

But then when I try to back out, I run into a problem. No matter how hard I try, I can’t see if anything is coming down the drive aisle. All I can see is a big metal door, and then the empty space that is right behind my car. Which of course isn’t enough space to really see if anyone is coming.

In those situations, I do what any normal person would do. I hold my breath and back out slowly, hoping that if someone is coming they will blow their horn to let me know that they are coming. Because that is probably about the only way that I will know.

So if you are driving through a parking lot and a small car starts backing out from between two SUVs, don’t be upset with them. Just kindly blow the horn in the nicest way you know how, just to let them know that you are there.

Because chances are that they can’t see you at all.

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