Seminar Fun

I attended one of those continuing education seminars yesterday. I would say that those are a necessary evil, but evil seems a bit harsh. So instead, let’s just call it a necessary occasional unpleasantness.

Actually, this one wasn’t all that bad overall. I did learn a thing or two, and much of it was relevant to what I do, unlike some of the others that I have been to. And the hours help me to keep my license, so that isn’t all bad, either.

On the negative side, the chair started feeling pretty hard after a while. And for one part, my eyes kept wanting to close. Sorry about that, Mr. Presenter.

On the positive side, there was a disco ball hanging from the ceiling in the ballroom where we were meeting. On the negative side, it never was used.

On the positive side, lunch was a fantastic hamburger from a place that is know for its fantastic hamburgers. On the negative side, instead of Coke they only had Pet spit. Oops, that should be Pepsi. Stupid autocorrect. But then back to the positive side, I won a door prize, which was a gift certificate to the restaurant, so no complaints there.

An education, a good lunch, and a gift certificate. Who could ask for more?