Rush, Rush, Rush

Lately, our days have been Rush Rush Rush. Rush here. Rush there. Rush to get this done. Rush to get to bed. Rush to get up and get ready to go in the morning. Rush to eat, and then rush with whatever comes after eating. Rush off to sleep, because by the time we have rushed off to bed it will be time to get up soon.

Rush, Rush, Rush. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry.

By the way, if you say “hurry” quite a few times in a row, it ends up being a rather funny word. I don’t know why. But anyway, to rush back to the topic of this post…

It looks like much of our upcoming weekend will be much of the same, rushing from here to there to get everything done. Hurrying so that we won’t be late. Running from here to there.

Sometimes I think that we rush more as it gets closer to the end of the school year. There are all sorts of activities, trips, parties, and whatever else going on, and it is hard to fit everything in. But really, we rush around the same amount most all of the time, so the end of school isn’t really to blame. It just seems that way because that is where we are right now.

And then the summer comes. When it does, things are slower in general around our house. Not as much getting up early and rushing out the door for us. Usually, the only rushing and hurrying is summer itself, as it rushes right on by as we are trying to slow down.

I guess everyone, and everything, is in a rush these days. If only we could get the summer to slow down. You really don’t have to be in such a rush to leave.