Read Any Good Books Lately?

I like books. I especially like real books that I can hold in my hands and turn the pages. But lately, I have been persuaded that digital books aren’t all that bad, either. Right now in fact, I am reading one of each.

Even as I slowly move more and more toward digital books, I still have quite a few physical books. More than quite a few, actually. Lots. And Laura has several, too. It is sometimes hard to keep track of what books I have, much less which ones she has. Which makes it difficult when I am looking for something like a birthday present and wondering if I might be buying a book she already has.

We have books all over the place. Most of them are on bookshelves. Some of them are in the attic. Some of them serve as stands for things sitting on top of our kitchen cabinets so that those things can be seen from down below. Needless to say, our books are pretty spread out.

And our books are pretty diverse, too. If you find a book in our house that has to do with Walt Disney, it is probably mine. If it is some sort of romance, it is most likely Laura’s. American history: mine. Horses: Laura’s. Star Wars: Jaylin’s. Fortunately, he is starting to get interested in books, too. Except that we already have a lot of books. Maybe he will get interested in reading some of the books that we already have.

But then the other day, Laura found Goodreads. She immediately got the iPhone app and started cataloging all her books. Once she showed it to me, I started doing the same. It was fun, even though I didn’t have that much time to scan books at the time.

So now we have a digital way to keep up with our physical books. Who would have thought? That almost feels wrong. But it is better than finding Dewey Decimal System numbers for all of our books and making up our own card catalog. That would be pretty cool, but who has time to do something like that? Not me.

If you want to keep up with what I am reading, you can find me at Just don’t judge me by my book’s cover.

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