Random Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts I have had recently. Too short for their own blog posts, too long for social media posts. And probably too strange to be posted in the first place, but here they are, anyway.


CBS is funny for plugging its Monday night television shows during its Thursday night NFL broadcast. Don’t they know that most everyone who is watching the Thursday night game will also be watching a game on another network on Monday night?


Since we have a day named after the sun (Sunday) and a day named after the moon (Monday), why don’t we have one named after the earth, too? We can add it in between Saturday and Sunday to have an extra weekend day each week. Where do we vote for this?


News story: “Soft drink makers plan to reduce calories Americans consume by 20 percent over the next decade by more aggressively marketing smaller sizes, bottled water and diet drinks.” So now I will have to have two smaller Cokes instead of one bigger one, huh?


People who don’t flush in public restrooms really baffle me. Are you that much better than the rest of us? If you are worried about germs, just wash your hands before you leave, which of course you should do anyway!


Can we please just standardize on either calling it fall or autumn? I get so confused trying to figure out which one I should say. And why does this season have two names, anyway?


There you have it! Check back some other time for more of these random thoughts.

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