Random Thoughts - January 8, 2021

What’s On My Mind?

A few years ago, I would occasionally post some Random Thoughts, which were collections of posts that I had made to my different social media accounts. I don’t post those thoughts to those accounts much any more. But why not share them here? After all, I do still have random thoughts. That is just the way my mind works. As I think of them, and as I remember to do so, I will jot them down, and then post them here when there are enough to share.

So for starters, here is what has been on my mind recently, along with some thoughts about each random thought:

I don’t like driving in the dark. Or in the rain. Or both. I’m starting to sound old. (Now I know why people used to complain about those things. And they were right. Who knew?)

Foosball is the devil. - Mama Boucher, The Waterboy (Usually said either when the team you wanted to win loses, or when the team you wanted to lose wins.)

You know what my favorite part of winter is? The end. You mean the r? No, the spring. (An imaginary conversation in my head, but speaking the truth.)

The internet is one of the greatest inventions ever. Until it doesn’t work. (Who knew that we could rely so much on something like the internet? Also, I’m in the dark because Alexa won’t turn on my lights right now.)

Today is a new day. But then so was yesterday. And so is tomorrow. (And on and on it goes. But then each day is a fresh start, so make the most of it.)

The first full day back at work after the Christmas holidays is officially the longest day of the year. (I say that every year, but it still remains true.)

More than once, I have accidentally typed the new year as 20201. Oops. That is way far into the future. (But I got it right when I was typing the title of this post. Yay me.)

That’s what I have for now. Check back sometime in the future for more Random Thoughts!

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