Random Thoughts - January 15, 2021

Completely Random

Here are a few more Random Thoughts to for you to ponder as you wander, just in case you wonder what goes through my mind. Yes, this is how my brain really works. And yes, I am feeling just fine, thanks for asking.

Here is what has run through my head in the last few days:

I miss the days when “unlimited” meant “unlimited” and not “we will slow your service once you reach a certain limit.” (Why call something unlimited when there is still a limit? Words and their meanings still matter!)

If they ever develop a maintenance-free car, I’m in. (Of course, such a car would probably not be affordable at all. But have you paid for an oil change lately?)

May your bathroom scale be as accurate as your weather forecaster. (As long as your bathroom scale is inaccurate on the low side, right?)

A 20-degree morning is a perfect reminder of why I try not to complain about being hot in the summer. (No matter how hot it gets, I still would not rather be cold!)

Service people who show up to your house on time are a blessing. (And a rarity, it seems.)

“What is the capital of Kansas?” “The K.” (Reminder: always ask for the state capital. Be specific.)

That’s it for now. Check back soon for more Random Thoughts!

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