Random Thoughts - February 18, 2021


Here are some more Random Thoughts that have popped up in my mind recently. Yes, that is the way I really think.

Is it a bad sign when someone working on your house stops hammering and says, “Oops”? (I never did find out the answer to that. Maybe I don’t want to know.)

Maybe the main purpose of winter is just to make us appreciate summer more. (I definitely appreciate the summer!)

Why aren’t union and onion pronounced the same? Think about it: un-ion. (That wacky English language strikes again.)

If when leaving Kansas you don’t say “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore,” did you really visit Kansas? (By that criteria, yes, I have visited Kansas.)

Winter puts the “ice” in “nice”! (Failed slogan to try to get us to appreciate winter more.)

This week, I am in the next decade from where I was last week. But I don’t feel much different. (Reflections on turning 50.)

Remember when I thought people who were this age were old? I would like to apologize to those people now. (More reflections on turning 50.)

This is the time of year when I resolve never to complain about the heat in the summer. (I hereby resolve…)

Snow is nice to look at from inside of the house. And from outside of the house I am looking to get back inside. (But it does look nice in photos.)

Check back soon for more Random Thoughts!

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