Random Thoughts - 4/11/15

The Random Thoughts took a brief sabbatical for a couple of weeks. Because no one wants to think all the time, do they?

People are weird. And weird people are really weird. Don’t make me name names.

I may not have a sixth sense, but in the Kroger parking lot I found six cents, and that is about the same, right?

Don’t you hate it when you rearrange all of the apps on your phone and then you can’t find anything?

Why do people feel the need to stand right outside your hotel room door and talk loudly? Let’s pretend this is a library.

You know spring has arrived when you have to turn on your wipers to get the pollen dust off of your windshield before you can drive.

Don’t you hate it when you have everything you need except for a cable to connect it all?

How many Memphis drivers does it take to change a light bulb? One to replace the bulb, and 28,467 to slow down and stare at the broken bulb.

It is hard to find your car when all of them are yellow. Thanks, spring.

On this date in 1965, the first indoor baseball game was played at the Astrodome. Some people will do anything to avoid a sunburn.

You don’t realize how much you depend on the light inside the refrigerator until it doesn’t work.

On this date in 879, Louis III and Carloman II become joint Kings of the Western Franks, which of course were Oscar Mayer and Ball Park.

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