Random Thoughts - 3/7/15

Time for some more Random Thoughts. Just when you thought (or hoped) that I had stopped thinking.

Dear Obama, if you would take away Daylight Savings Time, I might be able to forgive you for all the other stuff that you have done. But not really.

Why do we even call it Daylight Savings Time? I don’t feel that I am really saving any daylight. Or saving any time. But I am losing sleep. So maybe we should call it Sleep Losing Time. Maybe they just put the “Savings” in the name to make you not feel so bad about losing an hour of sleep.

Too bad there isn’t an easier way to set your biological clock. Because setting the physical clock ahead an hour messes me up for a few weeks.

People get worked up over the silliest things sometimes. That is not a compliment.

Leonard Nimoy, more than anyone else, made me want to be a Vulcan.

Hello, March! Where did you come from so quickly?

Today is the last Monday morning before Daylight Savings Time starts, just so you know. Enjoy the morning light while it lasts.

I have been here 10 minutes already and nothing bad has happened yet. Off to a good start.

Tying up some loose ends, and trying to figure out who untied them in the first place. Probably me.

Spoiler alert: I don’t usually have a clue about what I am doing.

If March comes in like a lion, then so far it has been a rather wet lion. Someone needs to blow-dry his fur.

Now it’s a winter storm warning for tomorrow instead of a watch. Joke’s on them - I already got bread and milk yesterday!

So far, today is going along less than swimmingly. Good thing I am not actually swimming.

Some people drive like they have never seen rain before. It’s 50 degrees out - it isn’t going to freeze!

I didn’t know Princess Diaries 2 was a Marvel movie! Complete with a Stan Lee cameo!

It is 65 degrees outside right now, and a winter storm warning begins at 3pm. How many seasons can we fit into one day?

Wouldn’t it be nice if it just stayed rainy all day instead of freezing later? Yes it would.

Except for the cold weather and all of the snow everywhere, I could start to get used to these snow days.

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