Random Thoughts - 3/27/15

Time for some more Random Thoughts to randomly brighten your random day.

“Happy vernal equinox!” “What?” “First day of spring.” “Well why didn’t you just say that?”

Late night Friday night and I’m working on PowerPoint. That’s excitement for you.

So spring is here now, which means that spring allergies are here. Which means that I should stock up on Kleenex. Or buy stock in Kleenex.

Warning: That big circular orange thing in the sky will burn your eyes if you look at it to see what it is.

It’s a beautiful sunny day for the first soccer practice. And me without my sunscreen.

Last week, one rabbit in the backyard. Last night, three rabbits. They are multiplying like, er, rabbits. But oddly.

It would be cool if our office had a moat and a drawbridge. Completely impractical, but cool. With alligators in the moat, too. Or dragons.

Sometimes it is interesting to see the geometric shapes created by everyone’s locations in Find My Friends. Yes, that’s my life.

How many Captain America shirts is too many? Asking for a friend.

Fixing a 2" deep pothole by filling it with 4" of asphalt doesn’t really make it any better.

Too many things going in too many directions today. Gotta slow down and focus. Easier said than done.

The clouds have now arrived, and I already miss the sun. These past few days have been quite nice.

Ever have something in your shoe, but you don’t want to take time to untie it, take it off, shake it out, put it back on, and tie it back?

Don’t you hate it when you choke on a bread crumb while eating your sandwich at lunch? Or does that only happen to me?

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