Random Thoughts - 3/21/15

Here are all of the latest Random Thoughts. Or maybe they are perfectly normal thoughts and the rest of the world is random. You decide.

Here’s a crazy idea: let’s all set our clocks to a new time and then all agree that the new time is the right time. That makes sense.

Thinking of all I could have done with that hour we lost Saturday night. Sleep pretty much tops the list, though.

I am motivated to do absolutely nothing tonight. That still counts as being motivated, right?

I wonder how much more caffeine than usual is consumed during the first week of Daylight Saving Time?

Is it possible to change a vacuum cleaner bag without getting dirt from the old bag all over the floor? I don’t think so.

It suddenly smells like pancakes in here. Is it Take Your Pancakes To Work Day?

I can only imagine what kind of clowns Tim Burton will come up with for the circus scenes in Dumbo.

I ran a fox out of the garage last night. I would say that I outfoxed him, but really all I did was turn on the light.

I always feel left out when everyone posts about someone’s passing and I don’t have any idea who the person is.

If you thought that they wouldn’t make Frozen 2, then you haven’t been reading the financial reports lately.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just say which NFL players aren’t changing teams? Or are there any?

Hey look, it’s raining again. Didn’t see that coming.

Hard to know how to dress when it is 45 in the morning and 77 in the afternoon. And always cold in the office.

A bird is singing loudly outside the office window. I would sing along, but I don’t know the tune.

I went outside today without having to wear a coat. Mark that on the calendar!

Checking the weather forecast before I stop by the grocery store. Just to be safe.

Happy day celebrating a guy who wore a green shirt while he drove all the snakes out of Ireland in his DeLorean.

Never explain your jokes, they say, but DeLoreans were manufactured in Ireland, in case you didn’t know.

That guy talked so softly that the phone left a print from pressing it tightly to my ear to hear. Mr. Whispers needs a louder phone.

Just about time for the “Drive Home iPod Sing-Along!” I wonder what today’s songs will be?

March Madness: If basketball causes madness, shouldn’t you stay away from it? Or do people just like to be mad?

I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. Because it had fewer winter potholes.

The guy five cars back from the traffic light who blows his horn as soon as the light turns green must not be a doctor - he has no patience.

When I look back and see lots of tweets from last night about shows I didn’t watch, I feel a little lost. But not enough to start watching.

This is the first time in many years that I haven’t filled out a bracket. And I am not really feeling any sense of loss over it, either.

Currently wandering aimlessly. And does anyone wander aimfully, anyway?

Apparently, “lights on when raining” doesn’t apply to everyone. Do you have to carry a card for that or something?


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